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We take great pride in how we raise happy, well balanced and socialized puppies and it shows through customer satisfaction.ouble click here to add text.
 We take great pride in how we raise happy, well balanced and socialized puppies and it shows through customer satisfaction.

Rob, Toronto ON:

My wife and I are the proud "parents" of a pooch from Gudrun's first litter. Our little guy's name is Reags, and we couldn't be happier with him. Gudrun did an incredible job with Reags. She and her family clearly care immensly about the well-being of the puppies she breeds, and her hard work is evident in the puppies that come from her farm. Reags arrived in our home already house trained and he was a quick study with obedience commands. Reags has a calm demeanor and is great with other dogs and people--including small children. Without any reservation I recommend Gudrun as a havanese breeder. Once my wife and I move from a condo to a house, we will surely be repeat customers. 

Lisa, Windsor, ON:

The dogs have settled in beautifully into our family. They have been to the vet and he was very impressed. He has asked if we can pass along your contact information to other people looking for a Havanese pup.

On to the more important information, the dogs. They are doing very well with puppy school. They are completely house trained. They sit, lay down, come, leave it (well Champ does!) Lucky is better at stay than Champ. But they have both stolen our hearts. They romp and play and are always side by side. It is difficult to get a picture on one without the other. They are true brothers! Thank you for them. They are truly a blessing to our family.

Julie, SW Ontario:

For many years, my husband and I had been contemplating getting a dog. When we finally found a breeder who raised and cared for them like they were their own children, we knew we had found the right breeder. We liked Gudrun and John so much and truly respected the love and care that they were providing for these little pups, that we decided to get two! 

Bella and Mitzi have brought such joy into our lives. They were clearly well-fed, groomed, and cared for, each with their own distinctive personality. Bella is our shy little princess, and Mitzi is our curious and confident snuggle-bear. Both are the most beautiful dogs (although we might be a little prejudice...smile), very loving, well-behaved and well-adjusted puppies. 

In the warmth of their own, beautiful home, these little puppies were born in a cozy, spare bedroom. It touched our hearts that Gudrun was there for the Moms in the middle of the night when the puppies were born. 

Our little ones and the rest of the litter quickly became part of the family. They were always welcomed in the rooms where the family spent most of their time. In the summer, Gudrun and John built a huge playpen outdoors so the puppies were able to enjoy the warm weather and experience all of the new sights, sounds and smells. It was unbelievable to see how attached these owners were to all of their puppies and how much time was being spent with them to ensure that they were developing well. Because Gudrun and John allowed them some freedom outdoors since birth, both girls can be off-leash and we can be confident that they won’t wander off. We are so grateful that they were taught from a very young age to stay close by. Living out in the country, we want our girls to have some freedom to play outside, knowing that they won’t ever stray. 

Being first time dog owners, you can imagine that we had a lot of questions. Gudrun and John welcomed all questions, were always very prompt with a response and were very helpful. They checked in to see how the girls were adjusting to their new home which certainly brought us comfort, and to this day, we still share with them any new or significant developments in their lives. 
This breeder is top-notch and there is no question that our little ones were well taken care of from day one. Gudrun and John don’t just release their puppies to anyone, which is yet another testament to how much they truly love them. They screen the potential adoptive parent(s) very carefully (as all dog breeders should in our opinion) to ensure that their little ones will be well cared for and will have a life full of love and happiness. 

​Tracey, London ON

Thank you so much for our wonderful little puppy...we absolutely adore him!!
Stewy is doing so well. He has brought such joy to our home!

We take great care in how we raise our puppies and it shows in customer satisfaction:

Vivi, Toronto, ON

Just letting you know that Romeo is doing great!

He is an amazing puppy! He follows me everywhere, wants to be with me all the time and I LOVE THAT! He is super-friendly
He is an adorable little fellow and I am completely in love with him! He is great company and I so enjoy having him around! Thanks so much again for bringing little Romeo into my life!.
Approximately a year and a half ago, we got our first puppy from Gudrun. As new puppy owners, we were very inexperienced and had a lot of questions about how to be good puppy parents.  We are very grateful that Gudrun was always there for us, answering all our questions along the way. Emma is a wonderful addition to our family.  We strongly believe her wonderful temperament has a lot to do with how she was treated and raised in the early weeks of her life. Unlike many breeders, Gudrun's puppies live in her house, with her family, and are exposed to love and attention and are well socialized. Approximately a year after having Emma, we decided to get a companion for her. Without doubt, we knew we wanted our new puppy to come from Gudrun. Once again, Gudrun has been incredible. She helped us select the right puppy to match Emma and has been instrumental in helping us integrate our second puppy. Like Emma, Cooper is also very well socialized and has a great disposition. Needless to say, I highly recommend Gudrun as a breeder.

Thank you Gudrun for all your help, patience, and guidance. We are thrilled with Emma and little Cooper!

John and Janine, Bright's Grove ON

We are proud new puppy parents of two adorable happy, healthy Havanese brothers, Teddy and Piper.

In the beginning of our search for a new canine companion we realized we needed to do our homework and find a breeder that had integrity and genuine love for their dogs. We wanted our dog to come from a loving, caring and clean environment, as well, we wanted to meet the sire and dam to see that they possessed a good temperament.

When we finally found Gudrun, John and the dogs and puppies at their spotlessly clean and loving home, we knew we found a gem!!

We eventually decided on buying two siblings so they could have some canine, as well as, human friendship.

We are grateful for all of Gudrun's support and patience in helping us make the adoption an easy transition for us and the puppies.

Gudrun has excellent suggestions on diet, training and caring for these fun-loving guys.

We love the Havanese breed and would definitely recommend "Our Happy Havanese"

Christina, Waterloo ON

I just wanted to let you know that Molly has successfully completed her evaluation to be a therapy dog through St. John’s ambulance. She will begin her volunteering at nursing homes in the next couple of months. She was the only dog accepted out of a group of 10 dogs. I am pretty excited about it. 

Linda, Brantford ON

When I decided to get a puppy I knew that there were 2 things that were a must for me. One was a puppy with a good temperament and the other was a good breeder. I found both with Gudrun. All her puppies are wonderful as are the puppy parents. She gives so much love and attention to all her dogs and it shows in the puppy we got. We love our Sabine and she has been such a joy to have in the family. She comes to work with me and everyone loves her. She is so friendly and loving and very smart and I cannot imagine my life without her. Thank you Gudrun and John for giving Sabine such a great start in life and for giving me such a wonderful little girl. I could not be happier.
Melanie and Eddie, Richmond Hill ON
Shelley, Sarnia ON

Thank you Gudrun and John for raising such a lovely little dog. Luna has been a wonderful addition to our family. She is doing very well with us and Wellie (our cat) loves his new little friend. She has turned out to be quite the little ambassador for your business. People always stop to pet her...adore her...and always ask where I got her. I highly recommend you as a great place to get a wonderful little companion who is raised in a loving home by lovely people. People we meet are always taken by her adorable looks, her sweet disposition, by how well she behaves and how calm she is with everyone she meets. Definitely a reflection of her wonderful breeders and her new pet parents I'm sure. She is sooooooooooo smart and learns with ease all the new things we teach her. She has very good manners, listens well, greets people with a happy expression, and is a constant joy to be around. She has even learned to enjoy her daily brushings. She gets soooooooooooooooo excited when she sees the grooming kit come out. It's hilarious! I feel so blessed to have had her come into my life. I will be eternally grateful for finding her at just the right time.